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A Need For Privacy

By In Window Tinting On January 22, 2018

Maybe it just happens as we get older. Maybe some of us are born with a propensity for wanting it. Maybe it just has to do with winter feeling cozier. What are we talking about?  Privacy! Somehow, some way, we all need it sometimes! Some of us like it more than others. Some of us want it virtually all the time. Wherever you fall in all of it, privacy is a necessary part of life sometimes.

Many of us like feeling cozy in the winter, even though our beautiful Florida east coast isn’t known for its cold weather.  Somehow knowing it’s winter brings out an innate desire to hibernate! It gets dark earlier, so our homes feel like our little caves around 5:30 every night. We draw the curtains, turn on lamps or light candles, and snuggle down much earlier than on those long summer evenings.

Some of you reading this may be parents. You will appreciate even more the need for privacy. Simply going to the bathroom or taking a shower without interruption can seem like a Herculean accomplishment. For those of you without children, you are probably thinking they should just lock the door. If you are thinking this, then you have never experienced a determined child who suddenly has the lock-picking skills of Sherlock Holmes!

Sometimes we even want privacy in our car. Occasionally, while out running errands, we will need to grab lunch.  Some of you might not be fans of eating alone in a restaurant, even a fast food establishment. Instead, you may choose to eat in your car.  If this is the case, what do you want to have during this brief lunch respite? Privacy! Putting the sunshade up in your car’s windshield is one way to attempt to gain more privacy, but we have a better solution.

At Solar Solutions, we understand and respect your need and desire for privacy.  And, like the good local business we are, we want to help!  Whether you are looking for a little more privacy in your home or would rather not have people peering at you as you eat or check your email in your car, we have a window tint to fit your needs.  Let us give you a free estimate and help up your privacy factor to make you a happier resident of the Vero Beach, Sebastian, Melbourne, or Palm Bay areas!

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