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Breezy, Windy, Sunny – Solar Solutions to the Rescue!

By In Window Tinting On February 13, 2018

February has arrived.  We’ve had a great mix of cold days to give us a little taste of winter followed by a day or two of brilliant sunshine and warm rays reminding us that spring is just around the corner. It has been a rather windy start to 2018. Some of you may enjoy it. We often see dogs sticking their faces out their car windows, ears flapping with what looks like a goofy grin on their happy canine faces. It’s just a breeze, some of you may say, while others are sure it is super windy and they are about to blow away.

There is actually a difference between breezy and windy. The weather service guidelines state that if winds reach fifteen to twenty miles per hour, it is breezy. If winds are sustained and are higher than twenty miles per hour, it is windy. So, in truth, it’s probably been breezy here these past few weeks. Of course, we have tropical storm systems and hurricanes here, so none of these winter/spring breezes or winds compare to that!

But, why has it been so breezy? Well, it appears that the wind seems to show up in Florida during our dry season. It’s caused by a steady stream of cold fronts.  Once the weather systems warm up, we see less wind and more rain. Everyone seems to feel differently about the weather. If you don’t like rain, then Florida might not be the best state for you because we really get our fair share here. But, the rain you might not love lends to the incredible lush landscape that we enjoy year-round. So, it has its perks. It’s hard to deny Florida’s beauty!

Some like the wind, like their canine buddies. They don’t mind if their hat blows off or their hair gets tangled. They enjoy the rustling of the leaves and rejoice that they don’t have to use their leaf blower because nature is cleaning out their yard for them. They enjoy seeing their flag unfurled flying completely horizontal on its pole. They happily go out for a jog with their pup, both smiling with their faces to the wind.

This may not sound like you because not everyone considers the wind their friend. Not everybody enjoys chasing their hats.  Those with long hair wonder why they even bothered combing it that morning. Some women feel like their makeup has blown off their face between the front door and the door to their car sitting in the driveway.

However you are feeling about our current shift from winter to spring, Solar Solutions of Vero Beach wants you to know that we get it! We know some of you love it and some of you could live without it.  Some things we think you will ALL love are our products and service. Our Brevard County window tinting lowers your utility bills and reduces sun-caused damage to the interiors of your car and home. While you’re doing your spring cleaning, we can do your spring tinting, so call us today!

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