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Brrr…It’s Cold (for Florida)!

By In News On January 25, 2019

Yes, it is winter everywhere in the northern hemisphere.  While other states or countries may be under the impression that Florida doesn’t experience winter, those of us who live here know that isn’t true.  Our winter isn’t severe, but it does exist!  In fact, many people from out-of-state will book vacations here on their spring break which now often begin in March.  Believe it or not, it can be cold and blustery here in March!

In our attempt to stay warm, we often forget some simple things we can do to help keep us and our environment more comfortable.  In our homes, we can keep the blinds and curtains closed until the warmer part of the day.  There is no rule stating we have to open them up right when we awake at six or seven o’clock in the morning!  It is still dark outside.  It is not only not going to let in any warmth or light, but it will also make your house colder.  Try to hold off until closer to noon, if possible.  Even by 10:00, that early morning chill is starting to dissipate.

Additionally, make sure your home has proper insulation in the attic.  If your home is older, you may need to have new insulation installed which will help your home’s temperature stay more regulated and lower your utility bill.  If your home is older and your windows are original to the home, they may be single-pane windows.  Double-pane windows greatly increase the energy efficiency of your home by holding in the air in your home and not letting in the outside air.  This, like insulation, helps moderate the temperature in your home and lower your utility bill.  Windows are an expensive investment but definitely well worth it.

In your car, use a sunshade on your windshield.  This is especially important when it’s hot so your seat doesn’t feel like a stove burner, but you should still use it when it’s cold.  Just because it’s cold outside, it doesn’t mean that the sun’s UV rays are on vacation.  They can still cause sun damage to your upholstery.

In your office, you will want to employ the same techniques as your home.  If you own the building, then have your insulation checked.  If not, you can still employ the tips regarding blinds and curtains.

The best advice we can give you to help keep cold air out and keep your home, vehicle, and office at a comfortable climate is to call us at Solar Solutions.  We specialize in window tint for all three types of windows – home, vehicle, and commercial.  We use Solar Gard which is a top-of-the-line product.  Combined with over twenty years of experience, this is an unbeatable combination. Window tinting truly helps regulate the temperature providing for a comfortable environment and lower utility bill. We are located in Vero Beach, but serve all our surrounding areas such as Sebastian, Fort Pierce, Palm Bay, and Melbourne.  We offer free estimates and outstanding customer service!

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