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Can Window Tinting Protect Against Skin Cancer?

By In News On April 17, 2018

When we go to the beach we know it is essential to apply sunscreen. It protects our skin from the harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun that can ultimately cause skin cancer. It is recommended by professionals to reapply sunscreen approximately every two hours. For the two minutes it may take to apply the sunscreen, it is well worth it to avoid the dangers of skin cancer. We don’t really need to be convinced of this. We have heard it since we were young and our moms slathered us with it. Now as adults we have the benefit of spray-on sunscreen which makes applying sunscreen even faster, all the while giving us the same protection.

If you could protect yourself and your valuables just as easily without sunscreen, wouldn’t you want to do so? We are talking about the value of window tinting in your vehicles and homes. You may not be aware that professional grade window tinting provides valuable UV protection. We don’t forget our sunscreen when we go to the beach, but we seldom think about the UV rays coming through the windows of our cars and homes. In fact, according to, nearly fifty-three percent of skin cancers in the United States occur on the left side of the body. That is the driver’s side of the body, the side nearest our driver’s side window which takes the brunt of the sun’s rays as we drive.

Because this is our passion and our business, we want to make you aware of the dangers of UV rays and the benefits of window tinting to protect yourself from them. We offer a wide array of window tints, so we are positive that we have one that will meet your specific needs. People often like having a reflective tint on their vehicles so a passersby can’t see in easily, especially during the holiday season when your car may be full of packages. On homes, some opt for this same type of tint to give more privacy, while others like a more natural look and opt for a clear tint that provides the same protection from UV rays.

Our window tint doesn’t just help a little. It blocks out NINETY-NINE PERCENT of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays! An additional benefit to this, apart from the important benefit of protecting your skin from skin cancer, is that it protects your vehicle’s or home’s interior. In your vehicle, it will help prevent cracking and discoloration in your seat upholstery and dashboard. Seats and dashboards are frequent victims of the sun’s rays, especially here in Florida, but our window tint can substantially lengthen the life of your car’s interior.

In your home, our window tint protects furniture, flooring, and even artwork from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays. Furniture situated near windows frequently experiences fading due to the sun exposure. Carpet and hardwood flooring are also very susceptible to the harmful effects of the sun streaming through your untinted windows. You pay too much for your vehicle and home to allow this type of damage when it is so easily preventable.

At Solar Solutions, we offer free estimates and top of the line window tint products. We have been in the window tinting business for over twenty years. We make it a priority to offer our customers the best products on the market applied with the utmost integrity and professionalism. If you find yourself interested in window tint and live on the east coast of Florida, we would love to do business with you. Our home office is in Vero Beach and we proudly serve our local areas such as Sebastian, up the coast to Melbourne and Palm Bay. Let us help you protect your valuables and, more importantly, your own skin! Call us today.

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