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Commercial Tinting is Smart for Business

By In Commercial Tinting On December 30, 2016

During the month of December, Solar Solutions Window Tinting blogs have been focused on the benefits of window film tint. Just as with automobiles and residential tinting, there are numerous advantages to tinting the windows of a commercial building. If you are a business owner in the Vero Beach and Sebastian Florida area and are looking for a window tinting company with experience and expertise, contact Solar Solutions and will introduce you to our wide selection of window tint films varying in reflectivity, shade, and color.

We have explored the benefits of tinting your home and automobile, and many of the same perks apply to commercial tinting. It would be transforming safety, privacy, and energy wise to your business. Let’s review the benefits outlined on our website:

  • Added security and privacy
  • Intruder deterrent
  • Office furnishings, art, hardwood floors, and belongings are protected against damaging UV rays
  • Health of your clients and workers is protected from harmful UV rays
  • Added protection from shards of glass if windows are broken
  • Solar heat and glare protection
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Enables you to save up to 30% on utility bills by reducing heating and cooling expenses
  • Aids in consuming less energy

Adding window tint film to a business could also transform the physical appearance. As an established, licensed and certified window tint film dealer since 1994, we can guide you in picking out the appropriate tint to meet your needs of security, UV protection, glare reduction, furniture protection, and aesthetics. A tint application can make an existing building look more modern and sleek. When clients enter your business, they will notice the professional and stylish feel window tint provides.

Having Solar Solutions Window Tinting tint your commercial building could even improve productivity! If your current business receives a lot of natural direct sunlight, this can be blinding and distracting to clients and workers alike. Glare reducing window tint films can also protect computer screens from glare and lack of visibility.

Another bonus to adding window tint is the positive effect film has on lowering energy costs. Serving as a buffer to the intense rays of the sun, window tint keeps extreme heat from blasting in treated windows. Keeping out these rays enables you to run your business’s heating and cooling systems at an optimally pleasant, economical, and steady efficiency.

As you can see, adding window tinting to a business is very advantageous. Health and privacy benefits as well productivity levels and physical appearance can all be enhanced by applying the easy to clean and maintain tint. Call us at 772-633-6795 so we can answer any of your automotive, residential, or commercial tinting questions or set you up with an appointment. Enjoy the holidays!

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