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Do I Have a Warranty on My Window Tint?

By In Car Window Tinting On May 16, 2018

Does window tinting come with a warranty?  At Solar Solutions, we are asked this question frequently and it is an excellent question.  Window tint comes with a warranty provided by the manufacturer of the window tint.  The warranty is not through the dealer who installs the window tint. Let’s look at this a little deeper.

It is important to know that the warranty is through the manufacturer.  If you, by some misfortune, choose a disreputable dealer who does a poor job applying the tint, you will not want to return to that same dealer to fix the tint job that he did wrong in the first place.  By having your manufacturer warranty, you can choose us at Solar Solutions to do it properly for you without having to deal with the other installer ever again.

For instance, we use Solar Gard window tint.  They offer warranties on their window tints ranging from five years to a limited lifetime warranty, depending on the product.  This will generally cover such issues as cracking, bubbling, and peeling.  You will need to make sure all your warranty paperwork is filled out properly.  You can read your specific warranty to understand fully what is covered.

If you have had your window tint done elsewhere, please understand that bringing us the receipt from the other installer is not proof of a warranty.  You should have specific warranty paperwork.  This is something that we provide to our customers at the time of service.  You don’t need to wonder if your tint is warrantied.  You will know from the start that it is and have all proper documentation.

If you had your window tinting done elsewhere and now need warranty work done but don’t have the warranty paperwork, you can contact the installer and they should be able to provide it for you.  If they were a disreputable company and have since gone out of business (which usually happens eventually, in these situations), do not panic.  Contact the manufacturer of your window tint.  If you are within the time frame, you should be able to get the proper paperwork from the manufacturer.

We recommend you always keep invoices for any window tinting you have done.  This can be used to prove the date of service, if necessary.  Always ask for your warranty paperwork.  The best advice we can give you, above all else, is to come to Solar Solutions for all your window tinting needs!

We have been in business in Vero Beach for over twenty years.  We are proud to service the east coast of Florida from our area to Fort Pierce, up through Melbourne, Palm Bay, and Cocoa Beach.  Don’t leave your window tinting to chance.  Let us put our professionalism to work for you.  You will leave satisfied and with your warranty!  Call us today for a free estimate or appointment.  We look forward to tinting your windows!

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