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Does Window Tinting Increase a Car’s Value?

By In News On December 12, 2017

As December approaches, many of us are trying to be as wise with our money as possible. Maybe we are watching our dollars and cents even more than usual as we are trying to save money to purchase Christmas presents. Such thoughts might have you wondering about the return on investment for getting your vehicle’s windows tinted.

Much of what we do to our cars to personalize them is for our own benefit to enjoy over the years that we own our car. Most of us eventually end upgrading our car for a newer version or different style.  Sometimes this is a trade-in at a car lot, and sometimes we sell to a private party in the interest of getting more money out of our car since many car dealers offer as little as possible for used vehicles.  As silly as it is, we have memories attached to our cars.  We don’t like being told they aren’t worth much!

Some of the ways we personalize our vehicles don’t give us any return on our investment. Some may even make our vehicle worth LESS!  Oops! But, we get to enjoy those improvements while we have the vehicle.  For instance, custom paint jobs are tricky.  You may love the custom University of Florida blue and orange paint job you got done on your car.  But, when a die-hard Florida State Seminoles fan comes to look at your car when you are selling it, they might not agree that the paint job is worth paying more for!

So, where does window tinting fall in this discussion?  Does it make a vehicle worth more or less when sold years down the road? Good news for you! Getting your windows professionally tinted by a company like Solar Solutions is an upgrade you can enjoy for years that can also add value to the resale amount of your car. In case you think we are just saying that to entice you to get your windows tinted, you can check for yourself on Kelley Blue Book. Just input the information for your vehicle.  When marking the amenities of your vehicle, try once with window tinting checked and once without it checked.  We tried it and, sure enough, the vehicle went up in price WITH window tinting!

It’s important that you have your windows PROFESSIONALLY tinted.  A do-it-yourself job that is full of bubbles will NOT increase your vehicle’s value. So, call the professionals at Solar Solutions of Vero Beach. You will receive a free estimate and a beautiful tinting job.

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