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GPS – Finding Your Way to Window Tint

By In Window Tinting On February 27, 2018

Some of you reading this have been blessed with an innate sense of direction. You could get dropped in the middle of a forest and somehow not only find your way to civilization but would pick up a coffee along the way. You wouldn’t panic. You would look at the sun, the stars, the moss on the trees…whatever it is in your brain that tells you which way to go, you possess it innately!

Then, there are those who can get lost going from the living room to the bathroom.  To those of you with that built-in compass, you are baffled by this inability to find one’s way out of a cardboard box.  But, to those of you in the population who don’t possess this navigational instinct, getting lost may be part of your daily routine.  It makes life harder and usually takes longer to get places because you will take a couple wrong turns along the way.

Wait, wait, wait you say.  There is no reason to get lost anymore.  This is 2018.  We have GPS!  Yes, gone are the days of looking at a paper map before you leave the house, writing down directions and still taking the map with you, just in case.  Most kids probably don’t have a clue how to even read a road map!  Have they even seen one?

Just in case you didn’t know, GPS stands for Global Positioning System.  It is a space-based radio navigation system that is a global navigation satellite system.  It is owned by the U.S. government and operated by the U.S. Air Force.  That’s a pretty cool fact when you think that our Space Coast is home to both Patrick Air Force Base AND Cape Canaveral.

We can even assign a voice to our GPS systems now!  Some of you may even have a name for your GPS voice.  You may look at the car next to you with their window rolled down and hear the driver yelling, “Listen, Mortimer!  I can’t do a u-turn here!”  They aren’t speaking to a passenger.  They are yelling at their GPS!  Yes, occasionally your trusty GPS can lead you astray, such as taking you to a dead end because the street it tells you to turn on is still being built!

What should you do when your GPS leads you astray or you simply get lost the old-fashioned way with a wrong turn or missing the street on which you should have turned?  Yes, even in this day of technology that still happens.  We can always stop and ask for directions.  We might feel a little embarrassed, but it’s better than driving in circles for an hour!

At Solar Solutions, we are proud to serve the Space Coast and fulfill your window tinting needs.  If you find that you get lost more often than you like, we have an additional suggestion.  Let us tint your vehicle’s windows!  How does that help me not get lost, you might be wondering.  It doesn’t. But, when you are driving around with a bewildered look on your face and yelling at your GPS, “Cynthia,” nobody will see you!

Yes, we’re being a little silly, but we are professionals who can make your car windows look great with our professional tint.  If you are one who has a great sense of direction, then come visit us at our location at 983 12th St. in Vero Beach.  If you are directionally-challenged, then we can come to you!  Either way, we provide free estimates and offer over twenty years of expert service.  So, come down or give us a call today!

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