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Holiday Season Happenings

By In Uncategorized On December 05, 2018

During the fall and winter months, our interests tend to turn away from swimming in the pool or going to a water park to different activities.  These activities will vary, of course, based on where you live.  But, most areas have activities that are holiday-themed during this time of the year.  These activities may take place at your local library or park or a community center.  You can check with your local Parks & Recreation Department to see what there is in your specific area.


The weather in Florida is great year-round, but fall is especially nice as we are ready for that cooler air after summer.  It helps us transition to our winter which is milder than most places but can still get cold.  While we don’t have as many foliage color changes in Florida as there are in some other states, it is still a beautiful and enjoyable time of year.


Because you are finally not sweating from the high humidity the second you step out the front door, you might want to look into the outdoor activities available in your area.  You may want to go horseback riding, go on an airboat ride, or visit a local farm that offers apple picking.  For those who are really active, there are often 5K races and marathons in the fall when the weather doesn’t take such a toll on the participants.


Many of the elementary aged children will have classroom parties this time of the year.  If you have children, you may want to volunteer to help whether it is actually being there to help with the activities or simply sending in treats with your child.  If you send in treats, try to do something that fits this the season.  Maybe make it an activity you share with your child, like leaf-shaped sugar cookies that they can decorate or red and green cupcakes with chocolate frosting and a little candy cane on top!  Of course, you can also find many such treats at your local bakery if you don’t have time to do it yourselves.


We at Solar Solutions hope you find some really enjoyable ways to take advantage of the beautiful weather and explore the area.  Hopefully, you find something unique to do that maybe you haven’t tried.  For some of you, that may be the cookie decorating idea or something more daring like skydiving on a gorgeous fall day (no pun intended!).  Whatever you choose to do, know that Solar Solutions is here to meet all your window tinting needs for your vehicle, home, or office.  We are available during every season!  We are located in Vero Beach and serve Florida’s east coast from Port St. Lucie to Sebastian up to Melbourne, Palm Bay, and Viera.  We hope you will call us today, and we look forward to tinting your windows this holiday season. Hint – window tinting makes a great Christmas present, too!

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