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Increased Comfort Equals Increased Business

By In News On October 23, 2018

There are a few facts that are indisputable in the business world.  We all know that businesses need customers to make purchases to keep a business profitable!  Nobody needs a degree in business to figure that out or understand it.  However, there are factors that keep customers in your business longer, making it more likely that they will purchase something.  Additionally, if a customer leaves happy, then they are more likely to come back and make another purchase in the future.

Perhaps yours is not a business that involves buying and selling.  For example, maybe you are a personal injury or business law attorney.  In this instance, you want your clients to leave happy so that they will pass your name along to other potential clients.  Word of mouth and reviews can really help to make or break a business.

One of the things that can help your customers stay longer or make your clients more at ease is the atmosphere or environment of your business or office.  For example, comfortable furniture is helpful.  If people are uncomfortable where they are seated, what will they want to do?  They will want to get up and leave to relieve their discomfort.

There are other factors that customers and clients may be less aware of consciously that can still affect them on a subconscious level.  These factors might be things like the color of the walls, the arrangement of the furniture or items in a store, the lighting, or the music.  For some customers, loud music or bright lighting can cause migraines.  They will definitely not want to stick around longer than necessary.

Something else to consider is the temperature of the interior of your business.  We all know what it’s like to be uncomfortably hot in an office, desperately wishing for a fan or a rogue breeze to blow through an open window.  And, we also know what it’s like to walk into a place of business and feel like we just walked into a deep freezer and feel the sudden need to don a parka, gloves, and a scarf!

Nobody wants to feel either of these temperature extremes, whether shopping or doing business.  Most places of business have a decent heating and cooling system.  We aren’t doubting that.  However, the outside weather does affect how well those systems are able to maintain the interior temperature.  Additionally, the age of the HVAC systems may affect their effectiveness, as well.

At Solar Solutions, we offer top of the line window tinting for your commercial building.  Our window tinting reduces harmful UV rays entering your place of business through the windows, lowers your utility bills, and helps regulate the temperature!  We offer a variety of tints, including clear tint in case you don’t want the look of your building to change.  For those who have a sensitive business, like an attorney, you might wish to have a tint that does not allow passersby to see inside to help ensure the privacy of your clients.  Whatever your need, we can meet it.

While located in Vero Beach, FL, we proudly serve the surrounding areas from Sebastian to Fort Pierce up to Palm Bay and Viera.  Let us help keep your customers, clients, employees, and yourself more comfortable in your workplace.  After all, you are there all day!  Give us a call today, let us give you a free estimate, and feel the difference our high-quality window tint can make for you and your business today!

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