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Is it Time to Swim Yet?

By In Window Tinting On March 20, 2018

With record-breaking February temperatures, many on the Space Coast were wondering if we were skipping spring altogether! Were we going to bounce from an unusually cold Florida winter to an early summer? As much of the northern part of the United States is being blasted with high winds, rain, and even snow, our temperatures here have finally dipped back down into the normal range.

In fact, we dipped drastically from nearly ninety degrees to highs in the sixties. Accompanied by gusty winds, our weather has taken a decidedly nippy turn. However, there are some that are thrilled with this weather system…surfers!

With swells coming in between seven to ten feet, you can bet you will see dedicated surfers out in the water. Some are predicting waves up to twelve feet. Surfers are traveling up and down the coast chasing the storm swell. With universities throughout the U.S. staggering their spring breaks over the spring months, at least some students are on break and enjoying the large swell that has come our way!

Along with the waves, however, comes danger. There is a dangerous rip current right now that can be daunting for even an experienced swimmer or surfer. A couple years ago there was a famous song by Vance Joy entitled “Riptide”. You have probably heard it on the radio or overhead in a store. As one Brevard County Ocean Rescue lifeguard said, “I feel conflicted. I really like that song, but there’s no such thing as a rip TIDE, it’s a rip CURRENT!” And, what exactly is a rip current? Why is it dangerous? A rip current is a strong, narrow current that can pull swimmers with its strength. The danger also lies in the fact that it flows outward, AWAY from the beach. It makes it exhausting and extremely difficult for swimmers who don’t know how to get out of it. So, when asking if it’s time to swim yet, let’s consult the National Weather Service. One of their meteorologists simply stated, “Don’t.” Well, that’s pretty straightforward.

These conditions are also hazardous for small boats. The large ocean waves affect our inlets causing hazardous conditions. All you have to do is drive over the causeways from our local barrier islands to the “mainland” to get a good view of masts sticking up out of the water with the remainder of the vessels sadly sunken in the intercoastal waters. These conditions are no joke and should be taken seriously. There are plenty of beautiful days here on the Treasure Coast and Space Coast to go out boating. Sebastian Inlet is known for its great fishing. Just wait until there are no weather warnings to enjoy a day out on the water.

While die-hard surfers are bound to go chasing these epic waves, we urge the rest of you to stay safely on shore. We have excellent Ocean Rescue lifeguards here on our beaches from Vero Beach up through Cocoa Beach and beyond. However, during the winter and early spring months, they are only stationed at limited beaches. So, if you are determined to go in the water in rough conditions, please choose a beach that has a lifeguard on duty while you are there.

We, at Solar Solutions, love the sun. Just look at the name of our company! We love serving Florida’s east coast from the Port St. Lucie area up to Cape Canaveral, as well as our inland communities like Melbourne, Palm Bay, and Viera. We are here for all your window tinting needs. We want you to enjoy these beautiful, sunny days safely…preferably on the sand, not in the water! Be safe and enjoy!

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