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By In Automotive Tinting On August 22, 2017

Ouch! My buns are burning! I just burnt my hand on the seat belt buckle! My legs are on fire! At one time or another, we have all said those things ourselves or heard it from our spouse, child, or friend in the passenger seat or backseat.

Living in Florida is fantastic. It’s a paradise on earth. Sandy beaches, warm ocean, blue skies, refreshing rain…we love it here. What we don’t love is how blistering hot our car seats get during our warm summer months.  Even using a sun shade on the dashboard isn’t enough. If the sun comes in at a different angle, someone is getting stuck in the “hot seat”, literally.

If only there was a way to reduce the heat coming into our cars. Oh wait…there is!  At Solar Solutions, we have years of experience professionally tinting automobile windows. We would love to make your car ready for travel at a moment’s notice – no need to put a towel down on the seat or run the air conditioner for ten minutes before actually getting into the car.  We can help enhance your family’s comfort and safety. Nobody wants their child’s little fingers getting burnt while they buckle up for safety or a pup’s paw getting burnt stepping on the seat belt buckle.

In an effort to save money, many people have attempted do-it-yourself window tinting kits.  This is generally a huge mistake.  Window tinting is not an easy project for a non-professional.  The cars you see with tinted windows containing hundreds of little bubbles are quite likely the result of a home tinting project.

With Solar Solutions, you are getting the benefit of window tinting professionals, with years of experience, performing the job at the highest level of professionalism. You will not end up with a view of tiny bubbles out your vehicle’s windows, but rather a great, clear view without all the added heat.  Just how much of a difference can window tinting make for your car? It can actually reduce the heat coming into your car by up to 70%! Now, isn’t it worth giving us a call?

If you live in the Vero Beach or Sebastian area and are ready for car seats that you can actually sit on, please contact us here at Solar Solutions! Let us give your car beautiful, bubble-free, tinted windows and you can be on your way without feeling the burn!

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