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Meeting the Tinting Needs of Our Military Customers

By In News On November 21, 2017

Veterans Day was recently celebrated throughout our nation. Here in Brevard County, we are especially proud of our military and those who serve our country. Brevard County is home to Patrick Air Force Base and the Kennedy Space Center. The people living here are from a variety of places, whether temporarily here as a duty station or permanently here, they are currently calling Brevard County their home.

When it comes to automobile window tinting, military personnel often have questions about the legality of it. How dark is too dark?  Is it acceptable here in Florida but too dark in the next state that they might find themselves living due to a change in duty station? The safest answer is to not tint your windows darker than the lightest acceptable tint of any state that you might be living due to future moves. For instance, if your particular job in the military will only cause you to be stationed in five different states, look at the tinting laws for those five states. Pick the one that has the strictest laws and abide by those when getting your windows tinted, regardless of where you currently live.

If you own a home here in Melbourne, Florida, you might also consider residential window tinting. It will make your home more comfortable and bring down your utility costs. Many military families choose to sell their home when it is time to move. Having your windows tinted can really be a selling point.  Who doesn’t want lower utility bills? If you choose to rent out your home, it will continue to save either you or your renter’s money. It will also make for happier tenants as the house will maintain its temperature better than a house without window tinting. Comfortable tenants are happy tenants!

At Solar Solutions, we want to serve veterans as they serve our country. We offer free estimates and are certain that we have an option to suit your needs. Solar Solutions has been serving St. Lucie and Brevard counties as a premiere tinting service for over twenty years. Trust Solar Solutions to take care of your vehicle and residential window tinting needs. It will be our pleasure!

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