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Merry and Bright Holiday Lights

By In News On December 10, 2018

If you like to decorate for the holiday season, then surely lights are a part of your holiday decorations.  Lights used to be a pretty simple item to purchase.  They were multi-colored and came in little bulbs or big bulbs.  The choices weren’t too overwhelming.  Each year, your family would pull out the box of Christmas lights which, no matter how neatly they were stored, had somehow become a ridiculously tangled mass of glass bulbs and green wiring.

Now we have a lot more choices.  If you didn’t realize this and haven’t bought lights in years, then just take a stroll down the Christmas lights aisle at your local Walmart.  Yes, it is a WHOLE aisle!  There are clear bulbs and multi-colored strands.  There are also choices among the multi-colored strands such as red/clear, blue/clear, or multi-colored.  Additionally, there are strands of just one color, like all red or all blue.  And, there are now “rope lights.”  These are basically plastic flexible tubes or “ropes” with lights inside.  They do help with the tangling issue when it comes to storage.  There are net lights for bushes and even light projectors.  Needless to say, the decorating possibilities become quite endless.

There are also two types of bulbs – incandescent and LED.  Incandescent lights are the type that we all grew up with if you are a “mature” adult (age, not personality!).  These give off a warm glow and generally cost less than LED lights.  The LED lights generally last longer and use less energy, giving you a lower electric bill than you might have if you use incandescent lights and use a lot of lights for decorating.  LED lights also burn at a lower temperature lowering the fire hazard risk level.  Regardless of the type of bulbs, it is always the safer option to turn off your Christmas tree lights when leaving the house or going to bed.  Outdoor lights are not as big of a concern, generally, compared to those on a real Christmas tree located inside the house.

If you use a lot of lights during your decorating, then you should consider going the LED route.  A lot of incandescent lights WILL raise your electric bill.  Depending on how many weeks you like to have them up, it can affect two months of electric bills which is not very fun. According to, a home that uses LED lights versus incandescent lights can literally save hundreds of dollars on their electric bill depending on how many lights they use.  Not everyone will use enough lights to save hundreds, but everyone will save something using LED lights instead of incandescent lights.

If saving money on your electric bill appeals to you, then you should give us a call at Solar Solutions!  We can tint the windows of your home helping to stabilize the temperature indoors which in turn decreases the need for you to use your a/c or heater as much.  We use the highest quality window tint.  We even have a clear tint which still gives you the same benefit of energy saving as a darker tint!  If you live in the Sebastian, Port St. Lucie, Melbourne, or Vero Beach areas, then give us a call today.  Find out what Solar Solutions can do for you!

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