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Motorcycles Need Tint Too

By In Home Window Tinting, Window Tinting On September 05, 2018

At Solar Solutions, we proudly tint windows for vehicles, homes, and commercial buildings. What you may not know is that we can tint the windshield/wind block on your motorcycle! If you don’t have a motorcycle, that might seem unnecessary to you. But, you can ask any motorcycle rider who has ridden bikes both with untinted windshields and tinted windshields; they will be able to tell you that the tint truly makes a difference.

Our top quality window tint can cut down on the glare off the road, off other vehicle bumpers, and from the sun. Depending on where the sun is, it can also help protect the rider from the sun’s UV rays, particularly on his or her face. It will also help protect the motorcycle itself from the sun’s damage. Because we use top quality materials and proper, professional application, you don’t have to worry about bubbling or any other issues that you find with cheaper tint or improper application. Our tint will only help you see better. It will never make it worse.

Another service we offer at Solar Solutions that will greatly benefit our local motorcycle riders is Glassparency. You must be trained and certified by the company before you can apply their product. Brian Schauder, the owner of Solar Solutions, has been in the window tinting business for over twenty years. He continually keeps up with the newest products and innovations in his industry. Because of his desire to always be at the top of his game, he became a certified Glassparency dealer/applicator.

Glassparency is a coating applied to the windshield which repels water. It doesn’t wear off like RainX. This is important because if you are riding your motorcycle, get caught in a sudden downpour (which we all know happens frequently in Florida!), and are due for another application of RainX, you may have a very difficult time seeing. Glassparency treats the windshield and provides you with the water repellent that you need, at all times.

Maybe this is the first time you have considered having your motorcycle windshield tinted because you didn’t know what a difference it could make or you just recently purchased your bike. We invite you to come by our shop located in Vero Beach so that we can give you a free estimate.

If you are interested in having the windows tinted for your vehicle, home, or commercial building, we would love to talk to you too. We service all areas up through Port St. Lucie, Satellite Beach, Melbourne, Palm Bay, and Viera. We are confident in our products and our service. We are sure that we can meet your tinting needs whatever they might be. Give us a call today, set up an appointment, and find out just what Solar Solutions can do to improve all the glass in your life!

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