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Nothing New Under the Sun

By In Uncategorized On January 25, 2019

There are plenty of sayings that reiterate the point the title of this blog makes, such as “History always repeats itself.”  It’s funny that, as humans, we think that we are coming up with new, innovative ideas when, in fact, many of these “new” ideas are just an updated version of things that have existed for many years.  Okay, there were no computers five thousand years ago.  We can concede that fact.


Let’s look at the internet, for example.  “Google” has actually morphed from a search engine on the computer into an actual verb recognized by the Merriam-Webster dictionary.  We can “google” anything.  Millions of options appear, ready for us to explore.  Of course, most of those options don’t apply to what we are actually researching, but the ability to obtain information seems endless.  What was the first form of Google?  It was the encyclopedia set!  We suspect that most grade school children don’t even know what an encyclopedia is.  But, at one time, they were our “go to” for information.  They seemed to contain everything we needed to know.  In truth, maybe they did.  Do we really need millions of answers to one simple question?


Another example is the news feed on our smartphones and computers.  What was the first form of the news feed?  It was the newspaper!  Newspapers have been around for centuries.  While young people scoff at the idea of still subscribing to the newspaper, many adults still enjoy perusing the paper over their morning cup of coffee.  An advantage to the newspaper is obtaining truly local news that the television news or digital newsfeed may overlook.


One that we find particularly amusing is social media.  People, this is not new!  We malign how social media is having a negative effect on today’s youth and rightfully so.  There is absolutely cyber-bullying happening, and it is truly horrible.  That is not something that necessarily existed in the past, and it’s sad that it exists today.  But, we are talking about the mundane, everyday aspect of social media…like posting where you went for vacation or posting that you went for a picnic.  Perhaps you didn’t know that these things actually used to be printed in the newspaper!  Indeed, items such as out of town guests, people leaving on vacation, and even families going for a picnic were actually printed in the paper!  It was social media!


While we try to progress and improve on old ideas, it would do us well to remember that most of what we come up with probably existed in a simpler form during a simpler time.  Maybe our ancestors were onto something.  But, progress can have its benefits and can be good for us when applied appropriately and conscientiously.


At Solar Solutions, we specialize in window tint.  You may be thinking that there is no way window tinting is an example of “the old becoming new again.”  You may be surprised to learn that there were processes for coloring and tinting glass back in the ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian cultures!  They had different purposes such as decorating pots or making glass beads, but it existed!


We use the most modern, up-to-date products and methods for applying our window tint, providing your home, office, or vehicle with the protection from the sun that is vital to maintaining the interior and protecting it from sun damage.  If you are interested in having your windows tinted, then call Brian Schauder, owner of Solar Solutions.  He has been in the window tinting business for over twenty years providing quality products and window tinting services to Sebastian, Vero Beach, Fort Pierce, Melbourne, Palm Bay, and the surrounding areas.  Call or come by today for your free estimate!

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