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Residential Tinting in Palm Bay

Here in Palm Bay, we have the beautiful beach not far from us, great family neighborhoods, and yummy restaurants. Moreover, like all Floridians, we love our sunshine. We get it year-round which is why so many people flock to our great state and our town. However, living here, we sometimes forget that the sun has its downside too. Like our name Solar Solutions suggests, we have a solution to those “sun issues”!

We have all noticed, at one time or another, that our home’s air conditioner units often have a hard time keeping up with the heat during our warmest months. Solar Solutions has the answer! Brian Schauder, the owner of Solar Solutions, has been in this business for over twenty years in the Palm Bay, FL area. He enjoys making the residents of Palm Bay and all of Brevard County more comfortable. How does he do it? What IS his solar solution? It is residential window tinting. We offer multiple tints, so don’t worry that we only provide the original dark tint. We even have clear tints now that offer the same benefits of dark tint without changing the aesthetics of your home. However, if you like the idea of passersby not being able to see into your home on their evening stroll, then we have a range of tints from which you can choose.

At Solar Solutions, we use Solar Gard, an excellent window tinting product that comes with its warranty! It helps reduce glare, fading from ultraviolet rays on both your furniture and flooring, helps regulate your home’s temperature, and brings down your energy bill. That is a pretty incredible list of benefits, but it gets even better. If your window glass were ever to be broken by flying debris or even an attempted break-in, our window tint holds the glass shards together. You do not have to worry about glass flying all over the room.

Commercial Tinting in Palm Bay, FL

The Palm Bay area is known for its great shopping center Hammock Landing, its riverside restaurants, and many local businesses. If you own a business in the Palm Bay area, then you need to contact Brian at Solar Solutions. Our window tint offers all the benefits that residential tinting has an additional benefit that will interest business owners specifically.

Dark tint adds security, deterring intruders who might try to peek inside after hours. If they cannot see what’s inside, they are less likely to attempt a break-in.

Need even more peace of mind before calling Solar Solutions for your window tinting needs? We are the ONLY local company in the Solar Gard Elite Panorama Window Film Network. Panorama Elite Dealers are certified window tinting professionals. Solar Gard dealers receive extensive training and are the most knowledgeable window tinting professionals in the industry. Contact us today for a free estimate on all your window tinting needs.