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Spreading Cheer in the New Year

By In Uncategorized On January 15, 2019

If you have ever seen the movie “Elf,” then you have heard the phrase, “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.”  For some of you, that may be true.  You may have a lovely voice that would really spread cheer to those around you.  But, it just isn’t true of everyone, so we thought it would be nice to do a blog about other ways to spread Christmas cheer, not just in the holiday season, but throughout the year!


Outside of many stores during the holidays, you will see a Salvation Army bell ringer.  They stand next to their red metal bucket, ringing their bell, trying to encourage each passerby to give a donation.  You may think that throwing your change in their bucket doesn’t make a difference, but it does!  If every person walking by throws in some change, it can really add up fast.  And, in case you think that the money might not be used properly, let us reassure you that the Salvation Army is a true charity with eighty-two percent of the donations going to aid others.  Why not one hundred percent?  They do have to use some money for operating costs, like electricity.  During times of crisis, they will use one hundred percent of the donations toward aid.  They are a trustworthy charity which helps a wide array of people from veterans to homeless to children.  They are even joining in the fight against sex trafficking.  And remember that even if you can’t give or don’t want to give, that bell ringer is standing out there in the cold as an act of volunteerism and kindness, so be kind to them.  They would probably love for someone to thank them for volunteering or hand them a fresh cup of hot cocoa!


A fun way to spread Christmas cheer in the new year is by doing something unexpected for a stranger.  You can pay for the purchase of someone behind you at Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts.  You can let someone go ahead of you in line, even if they have more items than you.  You can thank the cashier and let them know that in spite of the crazy Christmas lines, that he/she is doing a good job!  Unexpected kindnesses like this feel just as good for the giver as they do for the recipient.  If you don’t know that, then you haven’t tried it often enough yet!


One last way to spread Christmas cheer that we would like to share with you is by creating “goodie bags” for the homeless.  If you live in an area where you pass panhandlers on a corner or at an intersection, this will be a super easy act of kindness for you to perform.  If not, you may have to go downtown or to a park to find someone who looks like they could use a helping hand.  You can use a simple Ziploc freezer bag and put things in it like a toothbrush, toothpaste, a comb, shampoo, gum, a pair of socks, and a bar of soap.  You may even want to throw in something like a couple protein bars or a gift card to McDonald’s or Dunkin Donuts, so they can get a cup of coffee when it’s cold.  Simply keep a few of these bags in your car and hand them out whenever you see someone in need.


We hope you will try one or more of our suggestions for spreading cheer this holiday season and throughout the year!  And if the new year finds you looking for someone to tint the windows of your vehicle, home, or office, then we hope you will call us at Solar Solutions.  With over twenty years experience and the highest quality materials, we will do an outstanding job for you.  If you live in the areas of Sebastian, Vero Beach, Port St. Lucie, Melbourne, or Palm Bay and are interested in window tint, then please give us a call today!

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