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Time For a Christmas Tint

By In Window Tinting On December 19, 2017

Christmastime is here! Cooler weather (we hope), Christmas songs on the radio, and shopping for loved ones are all on the agenda. Believe it or not, the holiday season is actually a good time to think about window tinting. This may not immediately make sense to you, so let us explain!

If you don’t already have tinted windows on your car, now is a great time to think about having it done. We know extra funds may not be quite so handy this time of year, but what about making it a Christmas gift to your spouse or a couples’ gift to each other? Why is this a great time of year for window tinting besides the unique gift aspect?  Our cars are often filled with shopping bags during this time of year. Instead of them being out in the open, they could be more concealed by having a nice, professional tint on your windows. Put those bags on the floor in the backseat with your newly tinted windows and those Christmastime crooks won’t even know you have goodies in there when they walk by your car. Some of you may be thinking that everyone should just put their packages in the trunk, but SUVs and minivans don’t have concealed trunks; hence, the need for window tint!

It is also a great time of year to have your windows tinted in your home. Again, it can be a gift to your spouse or even something you do for someone close to you, like your parents.There are many benefits to residential window tinting, but today we are focusing on the reasons to do it this time of year. Unfortunately, there are people out there who think Christmas is a good time to steal from people’s homes getting “free” gifts for themselves. We wish this wasn’t the case, but because it is, window tinting is a great way to add privacy to your home. Nobody casually walking by to “case your house” is going to see the gifts under the tree.

And, lastly, let’s address the benefits to businesses. You might think all businesses want people to see inside. Many stores, such as gift shops, do have display windows that they want to have nice and visible to the public. There are clear or light tints available for these businesses so they can enjoy protection from the sun’s UV rays and lower power bills while still having their merchandise visible.  However, some businesses like high-end jewelry stores might like to keep their wares from broad public viewing, preferring for true customers to come inside for a look. Darker window tinting is perfect for just such a business.

So, whether it is a vehicle, home, or business, Solar Solutions is the window tinting company for you.  We happily service from Vero Beach up through northern Brevard County. We offer free estimates. Give us a call today and let us meet your window tinting needs!

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