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By In Home Window Tinting On April 12, 2018

Port St. Lucie is a southern Florida town located between I-95 and the Atlantic Ocean. What a great location! It is home to sports teams, businesses, and family communities. One such community is Lake Forest Subdivision. This subdivision has beautiful lush greenery, multiple lakes, and clubhouses for activities and gatherings.

Solar Solutions is located approximately thirty miles away in Vero Beach. We recently had the pleasure of applying residential window tint to a home located in the Lake Forest Subdivision. The homes in this subdivision are single-family homes ranging from 1300-2200 square feet. We are able to complete a residential window tinting project on homes of this size in just one day.

So, with just one phone call to us and one day of our expert labor, you can go from an overly warm home with a glare on your television to a home that has a more steady climate, less glare on the television or in your eyes, and get the benefit of a reduced energy bill! That makes a phone call to Solar Solutions well worth a few minutes of your day!

The occupants of the Lake Forest Subdivision home chose our Panorama Slate Series for their residential tint. We offer a variety of tints to choose from, so we will discuss your options when we talk to you. Each vehicle, home, or business that we contract with is treated as an individual. We do not take a “one size fits all” approach with our window tinting. We want to help you choose the product that is right for you and your needs. Your satisfaction is our priority.

The Panorama Slate Series that these particular homeowners chose is one which is dual reflective, providing increased privacy. Once applied, we were able to determine that their new window tint stopped 79% of the heat/solar energy that was coming through their windows. That is a huge and noticeable difference! It also blocked 99% of the UV (ultraviolet) rays coming into their home.

Blocking the heat/solar energy is what greatly decreases that ambient heat you feel in your home as soon as your air conditioner turns off for a while. It is simply due to the sun’s rays and the heat produced by the sun. We have a lot of that here in the Sunshine State (go figure!), so this is a great benefit. Blocking the ultraviolet rays helps protect you from harmful sun damage to your skin. It also helps protect your belongings (furniture, art, flooring) so that they don’t start fading from the sun’s rays streaming in on them through your windows.

After applying the Panorama Slate Series to their home, our customers reported that they were happy, specifically with the glare control, the heat rejection, and the UV protection. If our customers are happy, then we are happy.

We are located in Vero Beach but happily travel to our surrounding areas to provide excellent service with superior window tinting to meet our customer’s various needs. If you are in the market for window tinting for your vehicle, home, or residence, whether in Vero Beach, Port St. Lucie, or another community like Melbourne or Palm Bay, please give Solar Solutions a call today!

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