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How Tinted Windows Help with Holiday Safety

By In News On December 18, 2018

We realize that window tinting is probably not the first thing you think of when you think of the holiday season!  Of course, here at Solar Solutions, we are ALWAYS thinking about window tinting and what it can do for you, our potential and returning customers.  With the wonderful holiday season upon us, there are actually a few ways that window tinting comes into play.  Still can’t figure out the connection?  Let us help!


At Solar Solutions, we apply the highest quality Solar Gard window tinting available to cars, homes, and commercial buildings.  Do you have a teenager who just got their first car?  Maybe your dad owns his own business that is run out of a commercial building.  Perhaps, you can even afford to give yourself a gift this year and have your home’s windows tinted.  Do you see where we are going with this?  Yes!  Window tinting can be a great holiday gift for one of your loved ones or even yourself!

Aside from being a great gift, window tinting also gives you extra security during the holiday season.  First, let us say that we offer a variety of shades for our window tinting.  In fact, window tinting has come so far over the years that we even offer a clear tint!  For those of you who don’t want to change the look of your home but want the benefits of window tint, our clear tint is the perfect solution.

You are probably curious how window tint is a security measure.  For your car, it can make it difficult or impossible for a person passing by to see into your car.  During the holiday shopping season, this is especially helpful.  If you have a trunk, we recommend that you keep all the shopping bags in there.  However, not all vehicles have traditional trunks such as trucks, station wagons, and minivans.  Not all of you have the option of putting your shopping bags in a trunk.  In this case, our window tint can help deter potential break-ins as someone walking by may not even notice you have bags in the car due to the tint.

For your home or office, window tint helps in the same way.  You may have a Christmas tree with tons of presents underneath.  Or, you may not have any gifts out and about, but perhaps you are leaving town for the holidays.  Our window tint is just an added security measure.  People can’t tell that you aren’t home because with our window tint they can’t see in to see that there is nobody there.  They are more likely to assume someone is home than to risk trying to enter a possibly occupied home or office.

So, what about our clear tint?  How can that help with additional security at the holidays?   While it is true that it won’t be a deterrent like a darker tint, it still has a benefit.  All of our tints provide shatter protection if your window IS broken.  While it doesn’t prevent the window from breaking, it does keep the pieces from flying everywhere which could cause even more damage.

We hope you are able to see the added benefits of window tinting for your car, home, and commercial building.  Maybe you read this and realized it is, in fact, the perfect gift for someone in your family.  If so, then please call Solar Solutions today. We offer free estimates and do the highest quality of work.  We want our customers to be happy and to return the next time they need window tint.  If you are in the Sebastian, Vero Beach, Melbourne, or Viera areas, then please give us a call today.

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