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Tips for Staying Warm This Winter

By In Uncategorized On January 09, 2018

Welcome to 2018 everybody! At Solar Solutions, we are excited about the new year.  We hope you are too. We weren’t expecting to start off the new year feeling like we lived up north!  This cooler weather has been rather unusual for our beautiful Space and Treasure Coasts.  Nevertheless, it has given us a little taste of “traditional winter” which is kind of a fun change.  We hope you have been able to make the most of it and pull out those pair of boots you have been dying to wear or enjoy a bonfire.

Attempting to stay warm in an area where that usually takes no effort can be challenging.  We aren’t used to waking up to cold homes and freezing tile floors.  The leather seats in our cars are frigid. You probably never thought you would use those seat warmers with which your car came equipped.  Aren’t you glad for that little luxury you never expected to use? Taking down those outdoor Christmas lights when it was blustery and in the 40s almost gave us hypothermia.  OK, the last couple might have been slight exaggerations!  The point is that as Floridians we aren’t quite sure what to do with the winter weather.

While we are hoping this cold snap is gradually quieting down, we still wanted to present you with a few tips from Solar Solutions.  If you have plants that are not able to acclimate to the cold and we have nights dipping into the 30s or 40s, it is a good idea to wrap up their base and lower trunk/portion.  A nice warm blanket that you don’t really need is a great little scarf for your favorite tree!  When it is still producing fruit come spring, you will be glad you took the couple minutes to do this.

Because our cars aren’t used to the cold here, it doesn’t hurt to let them warm up for a minute before jumping in and taking off on your errands.  Also, you can pop on your heater and seat warmer (if you have one), so it’s already warmed up when you climb inside.  If you don’t have a seat warmer, putting down a beach towel (we all have those here!) or a throw blanket will help take the chill away from your posterior!

Keeping your home or work thermostat at a pre-set temperature will prevent your heating system from working overtime to bring your home or office up ten degrees.  Keeping your curtains drawn also helps hold heat in, providing a warmer environment.

At Solar Solutions, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the fact that our window tinting, available for residential, commercial, and vehicles can also be a great way to help maintain a more constant temperature which in turn helps you save on your utility bills.  If we can be of service to you in any of these areas in 2018, please be sure to give us a call! We offer free estimates.  If you are in the Vero Beach or Melbourne areas we would love to bring our business to you!

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