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By In Window Tinting On October 31, 2017

The end of October…Fall is in the air; children run around wearing costumes, some with crazy makeup that makes it look like they have cracked, rugged faces just like the cracked, rugged leather on your car’s seats. Wait…what? October is full of fun. Cracked leather seats are not fun! We have all experienced those unpleasant seats either in our own cars or someone else’s car. You climb in only to scratch your leg on what should be soft leather.

Before the actual cracking of the leather, your seats go through a slow process of sun damage. The leather looks like it is separating and has color variations. Soon enough, the actual cracks appear. The leg scratches begin. If you have fabric upholstery on your seats, you might think you are safe. However, alas, this is October and it is full of surprises. Your seats won’t crack because fabric doesn’t do that. However, the fabric will fade where it receives the most sun exposure. In addition, the sun begins to rot the thread holding the upholstery together. Eventually, the thread becomes brittle, breaking, and leaving you with split seams on your seats.

Another by-product of sun damage to vehicles is the infamous cracked dashboard. What was once shiny and new now sports a big crack running either vertically or horizontally, and sometimes both. What happened to your pretty, pristine car you just purchased a few years ago? Sun damage is irreversible and it takes a toll on our cars’ interiors as it blazes through the windows.

There are a few precautions we know to take. We can purchase seat covers, dashboard covers that generally look like little carpets (not super attractive), and steering wheel covers. Yes, our steering wheels will also crack and peel due to sun damage. Our last line of defense is the window shades we purchase to cover our windshield when we exit our cars. All of these things are helpful. However, eventually, these all experience sun damage too. Now your car has a faded, weird-colored carpet on the dashboard, a cracked steering wheel cover, and faded car seat covers that used to be black but are now a weird shade of pink “ick”.

We are here to offer you a solution to all of these problems! At Solar Solutions, we have over two decades of expertise in tinting your vehicle’s windows. Our tint rejects up to 99% of ultraviolet rays! You can bet that will make a HUGE difference on the wear and tear of your car’s interior. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and know you will be pleased with the results. Preserve your vehicle’s interior with our high-quality window tinging services if you’re in the Vero Beach or Sebastian area. Tell your friends about the smart choice you made by choosing Solar Solutions and help save their car’s interiors too!

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