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Why We Should Be Thankful for Window Tint

By In Uncategorized, Window Tinting On November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving is right around the corner which means you can count on heaping plates of turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce and Aunt May’s famous pumpkin pie topped with homemade whipped cream. Families gather together from long distances for favorite traditions, full bellies, football, and Black-Friday shopping deals. Families sit around the table and recite what they are grateful for: health, family, happiness, friends, clean water, shelter, and let’s not forget window tint.

Why should we be thankful for window tint you ask?

UV Rays

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, ultraviolet radiation travels through windows in your home and car. This contributes to an increase in your exposure to the sun’s harmful rays, which can then lead to skin cancer. Window film is known to protect your exposure to these harmful ultraviolet rays.

Research has shown that drivers in the United State have more extensive exposure to ultraviolet rays and skin cancer on the left sides of their faces compared to the right sides, This is because in the U.S. drivers sit on the left side of their vehicles and sun light comes in through the car windows, hitting the left side of the face. Window film helps remedy this problem; it helps cut the glare from the sun which is extremely helpful when you’re driving during the day.

Luckily UVA-filtering window tint helps prevent such harmful exposure to the sun. At Solar Solutions window tinting in Vero Beach, our high-quality products reject up to 79% of solar energy. Window film absorbs and filters through the sunlight without reducing our visibility.

Cost effective

With window film, you can save up to 30% on your utility bills and consume less energy. It helps minimize the cooling costs for homes and commercial buildings by decreasing the heat load and energy air-conditioning systems, all while protecting your interior car upholstery and home furnishings from fading. With window tint, you won’t have to replace faded home furnishings or cracked car upholstery as often as if you do not have tinted windows, so tinting saves you money in the long haul.


Windows are a vulnerable point of entry on homes and a common way for intruders to break inside. However, window films help keep glass together and slow down intrusions. It is a smart choice for any vulnerable glass surfaces around your home because it strengthens the glass.

Let us be thankful for our health, loved ones and window film this holiday season. We are also thankful for our customers in Brevard County and St. Lucie County; have a happy Thanksgiving!

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