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By In Window Tinting On November 07, 2018

Solar Solutions is a local company located in Vero Beach specializing in window tinting for your vehicle, home, or commercial building. Brian Schauder, the owner of Solar Solutions, has been in the window tinting business for over twenty years. He is a Solar Gard certified window tint installer using their superior Panorama window tint. Solar Gard requires that you go through their certification process so that they know their high-quality product is being applied properly. Brian takes pride in his work and prides himself on the satisfaction of his customers.

Some of you may have been reluctant to look into window tinting thinking that it is an “all or nothing” proposition. But, that is not the case. If your reluctance has been due to the fact that you are afraid it will be inconvenient and take a long time to complete, let us put your mind at ease. At Solar Solutions we are professionals. We don’t take longer than a job requires and we never do a “rush job” to finish quickly in order to end our day early. We do it right the first time in just the right amount of time. For instance, an average size home of approximately 2000 square feet or less will almost always be completed by us in one day. Yes, you read that right! This isn’t because we rush. It’s because we know what we are doing!

However, if your reluctance to look into window tinting is because you think you have to do all your home’s windows or all your commercial building’s windows and that’s not what you want to do, then let us reassure you that we are here to meet YOUR needs. We do not have to do all the windows if that is not what you need or want.

For example, perhaps the sun beats down into your living room in the afternoon, heating up the interior of the house and making it uncomfortable to spend time in there. We can tint only the windows that face that side of the house or that are in that specific room.

The same goes for your office building. If you want only the windows tinted on one or two sides of the building, for whatever reason, we can do that. It is your building and we want to meet your needs.

We would like to remind you that window tinting is a truly cost-effective way to keep your vehicle, home, or commercial building cooler by helping to regulate the temperature. You will see the difference in your utility bills for your home or building. It also protects your car seats and home or office floor and furnishings from fading or cracking while providing UV protection for you, your family, and your employees.

If you are interested in finding out more about having the windows tinted on your car, home, or commercial building, then call us today at Solar Solutions. We offer free estimates. We also offer a variety of tint shades, including clear tint! We are sure that we can meet your window tinting needs. We serve all surrounding areas of Vero, Sebastian, Melbourne, and Viera. We look forward to doing business with you!

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