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Window Tinting Can Help Protect Our Turtles!

By In Window Tinting On July 24, 2018

Here on the east coast of Florida, we love our turtles! We are proud that our beaches are used as nesting grounds to bring new little turtles into this world. We have laws in place to protect them and we have the Turtle Preservation Society that marks their nests so that we don’t accidentally step on them or disturb them. If you live on the coast, you learn from the time you are little to appreciate and respect our local wildlife. For example, Indialantic Elementary School takes its first-grade students on a field trip to the Turtle Preservation Society. They get to learn about the turtles, explore an interactive, educational area, and spend time cleaning up the beach! With all that we do to take care of our turtles, the laws are just an extra assurance to make sure that everyone is doing their part.

What can window tinting have to do with protecting our turtles, you may be wondering. Some of our residents are fortunate enough to live right on the beach. Some are in individual homes and some in condos. Either way, they have a beautiful view overlooking the beach and our turtle neighbors. If you are a visitor or new to our area, you may not know that turtle nesting season lasts from May 1 through October 31. During this time residents that live on the beach are not permitted to keep their outside porch lights on at night. This is when the turtles come ashore to nest. Additionally, when the hatchlings emerge it also occurs at night as the newborn turtles make their way to the ocean in the cool night air where they can take their time and not get too hot or dry. The lights confuse both mama and baby turtles and can disrupt their nesting and hatching process.

At Solar Solutions, we like to do our part to help our local community and the environment. We provide window tinting for automobiles, residences, and commercial buildings. If you own a residence on the beach, we would like to help you do your part to protect our turtles too. Tinting your residential windows has benefits for both you and the turtles. It offers protection from the sun for you, your furnishings, and your flooring. It also helps lower your energy bill. Aside from that, you can help your environment. By tinting your residential windows, you help block out the artificial light that reaches the beach from your home at night, giving the turtles the darkness they need.

Some residential neighborhoods on the beach are actually requiring window tint now because too much disorientation was occurring with the turtles. Owner of Solar Solutions, Brian Schauder, is proud to have grown up in Vero Beach and now be a business owner in his own community. Upon completion of tinting your beachfront residential windows, Brian will issue you a certificate of compliance so that your homeowner’s association knows that you have met the requirements with the proper window tint.

If you have beachfront property and have not yet tinted your windows, we urge you to call Solar Solutions today. We offer free estimates. It will protect you from a fine and protect our beloved turtles from disorientation or worse. Thank you for caring about our beachside wildlife as much as we do! We look forward to doing business with you!

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