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Melbourne Residential Tinting

Living in Melbourne, Florida, a location close to the beautiful Atlantic Ocean, you get to enjoy great weather year-round, a variety of nice neighborhoods, and great shopping in Downtown Melbourne. It is a fantastic place to live, that is for certain! You might be hard-pressed to think of any ways to improve your quality of living here in Brevard County. However, if you ask Brian Schauder, owner of Solar Solutions, he might have an idea or two!

Brian has been tinting windows for over twenty years, and he knows that it can be very beneficial to one’s residence. People often forget that window tinting is available in a residential capacity. In fact, window tinting has progressed so much that there is even clear tint available for your home now. Residential window tinting protects you from the sun’s UV rays, protects your furniture and flooring from fading, and helps keep the temperature of your home regulated and comfortable.

Yes, we are all busy. We want things done quickly and correctly. At Solar Solutions, we understand that and know that your time is valuable. Because of our expertise, we can have your residential window tinting complete in one day for most houses under 2500 square feet and two days if your home is larger. We pride ourselves on our service and integrity.

Commercial Window Tinting in Melbourne, Florida

Melbourne, Florida has a wide array of businesses ranging from large medical buildings to shopping centers to our wonderful, locally owned boutiques on the streets of Downtown Melbourne. Solar Solutions is proud to help Melbourne business owners with commercial window tinting.

Window ting is a great addition to your building or office. It helps regulate the temperature to keep your customers or clients comfortable. It helps lower your energy bills. Moreover, it gives your building an additional look of professionalism. Perhaps you have a business where your clients would like some privacy, such as an attorney’s office. Additionally, having your windows tinted is a great way to help your clients feel more at ease.

Why choose Solar Solutions for your home or business? It is quite simple. You want to hire the best company for the job. Solar Solutions is the ONLY local company in the Solar Gard Elite Panorama Window Film Network. This means that we are certified window tinting professionals who have received extensive training. We take pride in our work and want to help you take pride in your home or business.

Contact Brian at Solar Solutions today. He will come out to your home or place of business and provide you with a free estimate. We feel confident that you will be glad you chose Solar Solutions for your window tinting needs.