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Window Tinting – Where to Go and Why

By In Window Tinting On April 10, 2018

Solar Solutions is our name, and window tinting is our game.  Okay, perhaps that was a bit corny, but true, nonetheless!  Brian Schauder, the owner of Solar Solutions, has been in the window tinting industry for over twenty years.  He is a master craftsman at what he does. What does Solar Solutions do?  We are a premier window tinting company based in Vero Beach.  We tint vehicle, residential, and commercial windows.  Brian is also an authorized dealer of Glassparency which is a window treatment that repels water, giving better visibility during our Florida rainy season.  Brian continues to further his knowledge by attending annual conferences related to his field of window tinting.

Why are we sharing all this background with you?  It is quite simple.  We want you to understand that when you come to Solar Solutions, you are coming to a highly trained professional who will do an outstanding job for you.  We can’t fully explain why, but we have been asked a variety of questions that we would like to address now, in this blog.

Do you perform oil changes?  Do you sell tires?  Do you sell rims?  Are you a car wash?  Do you sell car accessories?  The answer to each of these questions is “no.”  We have never done any of these things, and we want to tell you why that is.  We SPECIALIZE.  Yes, we have chosen to specialize in window tinting.  While we have expanded to the application of Glassparency, that is still a window treatment that must be professionally applied.  We tint windows, and we are excellent at it.  We have chosen not to do anything else related to vehicles, homes, or businesses because those are specialties unto themselves.

You don’t want us changing your oil or fitting your car for rims because it isn’t what we do.  It’s not an area in which we have received training.  There is an old saying that goes “a jack of all trades is a master of none.”  Now, don’t get us wrong.  We NEED people who are “jacks of all trades” in our communities, without a doubt.  However, we also NEED people who are experts in certain areas.  Surgeons have specialties, and we don’t question the wisdom in that.  We don’t want someone who is trained in orthopedic surgery performing brain surgery!  It is the same in other areas of life, as well.

You shouldn’t want a window tinting company changing your oil or fitting your rims.  Conversely, you shouldn’t want an auto mechanic or tire/rim specialist tinting your windows.  Window tinting is truly a specialty.  We have all seen those unfortunate cars pull up next to us at the stop light with little bubbles all over their windows due to improperly applied window tint.  How do they even see out of those windows?  It isn’t safe.  What IS safe is seeking a specialist for those areas of your life that require it.  Those little bubbles are your big clue!  Window tinting takes someone who is highly trained and uses the best products available on the market.

While we are based in Vero Beach, we proudly serve the east coast of Florida and inland areas – Port St. Lucie, Melbourne, Beach, Palm Bay, and more!  If you are in the market to have any windows tinted – vehicle, home, or residential – please call the experts at Solar Solutions.  Let us put our expertise to work to give you the beautiful, finished product you should expect from an expert in the field.

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